Over 50?
You’re Now Losing Bone
Faster Than You Can Build It

Triple-benefit Osteo Plus
helps to clinically increase bone mineral density and decrease joint discomfort 46%*

  • Reduces postmenopausal bone loss†
  • Supports a healthy spine†
  • Promotes joint health†
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums†
  • Enhances strength and mobility†
osteo plus - for bone health

1 in 2 Women Over 50 Have Low Bone Density

Bones are the foundation of a body in motion. Your bones were once highly efficient at remodeling – the cycle of breaking down the old and building up new, strong, calcified tissue. Bone-building osteoblast cells along the bone surface were abundant and full of life.

But after menopause, bone loss accelerates and outpaces remodeling. Like termites tearing away at your home’s precious foundation, bones wear away faster than can be rebuilt leading to aches and joint discomfort. And over time, in their weak, fragile state, a minor slip can cause a major break.

What Doctors Call a Silent Threat

There are no early warning signs of porous bones. Carrying on with your routine chores and beloved hobbies feels normal. But when bones become overly spongy, the simple act of bending, lifting, even coughing, can injure fragile tissue and compromise posture over time.

Subtle Signs of Bone Loss:

  • Shrinking height
  • Spine stress
  • Back aches
  • Joint discomfort
  • Slow recovery

Calcium Alone Offers Inadequate Bone Protection

Calcium supplements have long been the standard for women over 50. To go from capsule to bone, the mineral relies on the vigorous activity of osteoblast cells to transform calcium into a usable material to build bones. Osteoblasts produce proteins that bind calcium to bone, filling its spongy, honeycomb-like matrix for harder, stronger, more break-resistant tissue.

After menopause, osteoblast numbers plunge and lose vigor. Without a large, powerful crew of osteoblasts to support calcium uptake, the mineral can build-up and harm joint fluid, blood vessels and other organs.

The Mediterranean Olive Leaf Extract That DEXA Scans Love

Oleuropein is the key biologic in olive trees with a reputation for fighting oxidation and inflammation. Bonolive® offers high oleuropein concentrations in a potent olive leaf extract exclusively from the Mediterranean.

Patent-protected Bonolive® can increase the number and strength of osteoblasts to initiate calcium bonding and bone building.

Osteo Plus - InnerThera

Osteo Plus is a Bone Health Breakthrough

In a 12-month human clinical study, DEXA scans showed that taking Bonolive® 250 mg plus calcium daily helped to increase bone density in the hip and stabilize bone mass in the spine better than calcium alone.

A second 6-month clinical study revealed a significant boost in joint relief in older adults with high knee discomfort:

46% Improvement in Joint Comfort When Walking

Unlock strength and mobility with Osteo Plus, a one-of-a-kind formula that helps multiply and mobilize osteoblasts to improve calcium use and enhance bone mineral density.

Clinically backed benefits:

  • Reduces postmenopausal bone loss
  • Supports a healthy spine
  • Promotes joint health
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Enhances strength and mobility

Triple-benefit Osteo Plus helps you stay on the move comfortably with Bonolive® olive leaf extract, vitamins, and minerals bones and joints need, including high-absorption calcium malate, and plant-based vitamins D3 and K2 to improve mineral absorption.

Triple-Benefit Bone & Joint Support Gives You MORE

Mobility Icon

More Mobility

Enhanced movement capabilities with targeted support.

Flexibility Icon

More Flexibility

Improved flexibility through nourished and fortified joints.

Comfort Icon

More Comfort

Increased comfort by reducing inflammation and joint pain.

What’s Inside

Bonolive® Olive Leaf Extract - 250 mg Clinical strength dose of oleuropein compounds from Mediterranean olive leaves, standardized to 40% for guaranteed potency.
Benefit: aids the process that bonds calcium to bone.
K2Vital® Delta Vitamin K2 - 180 mcg The most stable form of vitamin K2 is double-coated to survive the gut and protect against degradation.
Benefit: shuttles calcium to where it’s needed.
D3L-Pure™ Vegan Vitamin D3 - 62.5 mcg Lichen-derived, active vitamin D3 promotes calcium. Supports strong bones and teeth, and helps relieve joint discomfort.
Benefit: helps improve calcium absorption.
Calcium Malate - 300 mg Bioavailable form of calcium pairs mineral compounds with malic acid amino acids for enhanced distribution.
Benefit: hardens and strengthens bone and teeth.

Five-Star Formula

“Just recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. My bones and joints ache like heck. I have been on calcium for a while but absorption has been an issue. I did a lot of research and came across Bonolive. The research made me jump in and glad I did. I feel great after 3 weeks.”†

Sheila B.

“I am getting a number of ingredients in one pill. I hate taking so many capsules with breakfast so this cut down on 3 pills. Plus it is working wonders for me”†

Robin W.

“76 year old female with bone issues. I fractured my hip and leg on a fall last winter. When I was in the hospital they discovered my bone density issue and I have been taking supplements to help improve it. I like the science behind the Bonolive”†

Clara A.

“Inflammation has improved a lot. My ankle pain is a lot better. I am going for scans next month for bone density and will see my progress.”†

Robin A.


Improve DEXA Scores – Guaranteed or Your Money Back

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Why Trust InnerThera?

At InnerThera, we create science backed, results-felt wellness formulas that you can’t imagine going a day without. we don’t fight age. We build the foundation for youthful aging with biocompatible nutrition that helps you feel younger and stronger, longer.


Get to Know InnerThera Osteo Plus

How does InnerThera Osteo Plus work?

The largest organ in the human body, your liver assists with over 500 vital functions that keep you healthy and energized.

InnerThera was scientifically formulated with four of the most potent ingredients that aid liver health: milk thistle, choline and amino acids ALA and NAC. Together, they help neutralize inflammation and oxidation to optimize 4 key pillars of healthy liver function:

•Detoxification– Aids blood filtration and bile production to remove waste, toxins, cholesterol and bacteria.

•Metabolic Energy–Transforms dietary fat into fuel that powers cellular activity and maintains steady blood sugars.

•Nutrient Storage–Stores and metabolizes certain fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, and excess glucose.

•Protein Synthesis–Manufacturesproteins and enzymes used to carry out vital functions and build cells, blood and bile.

How long does it take before the product takes effect?

It depends on your body, your needs and your starting point. Some individuals who are deficient in calcium and vitamin D, which is especially common in women, may notice a measurable improvement after a few weeks of consistent daily use. For others, it may take a few months to notice the difference in your mobility and flexibility.   

For best results, make Osteo Plus part of your daily healthy aging routine. No matter where your journey starts, you can count on Osteo Plus to help you feel better and stronger. Every premium ingredient was carefully selected for its high level of quality, solubility and absorption to help you make the most out of every day.

What if the product doesn’t work for me?

Bodies respond differently and what works for many may not work for you. That’s why you have the full backing of our 30-Day Empty Bottle Promise.

Take InnerThera Osteo Plus every day as directed to give the nutrients time to build up in your body. Take every last capsule. If you don’t notice a difference, you have up to 30 days to return it for a refund. You can reach customer service here