InnerThera's Registered Dietician

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Swick, MS, RDN, an authority in nutrition, science, and integrative wellness, believes that real food nutrition serves as the optimal foundation for addressing many health concerns. While nutrition isn’t all that’s necessary to heal or stay healthy, it provides a necessary foundation for health to build on. In her words, "The further we get from nature, the closer we get to disease."

In her role as a registered dietitian nutritionist, Lizzy is committed to aiding clients in making well-informed decisions regarding their health by simplifying nutritional science. She takes pleasure in breaking down the complexity of nutrients, enzymes, hormones, and all aspects of biology into practical nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to create healthier habits.

Embarking on her educational path at the University of Vermont, Lizzy excelled and graduated with honors in Environmental Studies, focusing on Sustainable Agriculture. Her fascination with the intersection of ecology and human health led her cross-country to Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington—a trailblazing institution in health, research, and integrative medicine. It was at Bastyr University that she attained her Master of Science in Nutrition Sciences. Bringing her expertise back to New England, Lizzy undertook a dietetic internship at Keene State College in New Hampshire. It was here she began learning how to use nutrition as part of a preventative lifestyle approach to healing.

Blending her passion for nutrition with content creation, Lizzy has collaborated with prominent health publications, authors, and globally recognized figures in integrative medicine and allopathic as well. Aligned with the philosophy of the Innerthera team, she shares the belief that both the appropriate use of quality nutritional supplementation has an important place in the healing process. Lizzy encourages you to seek out the best quality products to complement your body's inherent capacity to heal, function, and flourish. Serving as our medically reviewed advisor, Lizzy showcases her expertise by ensuring that Innerthera’s content and science is consistent with the current research in health sciences.  We are excited to have Lizzy on our team to ensure Innerthera’s integrity and your loyalty.

Lizzy Swick